VULCAPNEU is a full-service company based in Blida, Algéria but with associates around the world who can offer you help in all aspects of your tire repair needs. We have consultants ready to train your repair technicians, materials specific to any type of tire you are looking to repair and the equipment and tools to facilitate these repairs.

VULCAPNEU quickly became a leader in the tire repair industry.  Together, our partners bring over 50 years of direct industry experience.  We worked in all aspects of the industry for some of the largest supply companies in the world.  VULCAPNEU is the official and exclusive North AFRICA distributor for the revolutionary Tap Rap Tire Repair System.  We work with leading edge technology and repair materials and constantly strive to stay abreast of changes in the field of tire repair. 

We at VULCAPNEU are considered the world leaders in CABLE REPLACEMENT TECHNOLOGY. This is leading edge technology with the full range of training and products that are proving to be THE solution to many tire injuries previously thought to be unrepairable.

At VULCAPNEU we provide the most up-to-date solutions for all aspects of the tire repair industry. Our specialty is in the repair of Giant OTR Tires, an area that has changed dramatically over the past few years. With the worldwide shortage of new tires, equipment owners and service companies everywhere are looking for ways to salvage much-needed hours out of haulage and loader tires in mines, quarries and industrial sites.

We have the technology, expertise, materials and equipment to ensure the best results possible with the most innovative repair techniques available, many of which are exclusive to our own network of companies.


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